Braun Manufacturing is a company that works to satisfy its customers' needs with the highest quality products and service in our industry. On time delivery, prompt response to inquiries, and technical assistance when requested are business basics we adhere to. Our sixty plus years of experience and extensive manufacturing capabilities combine to effectively fill the hinge needs of our customers.
Our bottom line is reliability, communication and partnership through the service you the customer demand and deserve.

A Brief History of Braun Manufacturing
Mr. August J. Braun, started Braun Mfg. Co. Inc. over 60 years ago in a small shop in Waukegan, Illinois. He carried the business through the trying depression of the thirties and in 1938 moved the business to Chicago at its present location.

Mr. Braun's motto was "The customer is our boss" and his dedication was "Extend the best in quality and service possible."

Continuing in the traditions established by his predecessor, Charles R. Braun has demonstrated his leadership through aggressive yet sound policy making. He has modernized and improved both plant and office capabilities to further company growth and improve customer service.


Braun Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Established 1925
1350 Feehanville Drive
Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056
tel: (847) 635-2050
fax: (847) 635-7655
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