Spring Hinges

A spring hinge actuated by torsion springs has torque factors, requiring accurate evaluation of the pressures, degrees of travel, frequency of use, projected life expectancy, atmospheric conditions, and other conditions which may affect its operation.
This type of hinge reaches its maximum tension at a given point and maintains this pressure (except for slight spring set) during it cycling term.
Spring hinges. loaded to the open position, have a free position (in which the spring is relaxed) and the degree where full pressure is reached. As shown:

Generally, a hinge, spring loaded to the closed position, is under tension in all degrees of travel. A hinge of this type may have embossed leaves to allow the spring legs freedom of movement in any method of attachment, as shown below: 

Established guidelines for the development of spring hinge designs are basic, but do not offer the latitude for the peculiar requirements usually encountered. Our services are available in this area.
Illustrated in the follow section is a variety of spring hinges, some of which perform functions beyond that of simply being a fastening. We welcome your inquiries.

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